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We live in a society where money matters more than anything else: Our government takes down apartment buildings even though there are many people struggelling to find an affordable place to live. However, our government continues to build more and more expensive condos instead of affordable flats. Therefore, people are getting desperate and trying to find any place where they can stay...
... How about a tent on a balcony? In this game you take advantage of the gentrification problem by creating places to sleep, however, you live in a One-room-apartment for yourself.. Good for you that you have a little balcony!
This game was created at the Game Design // UE  
Department of the University of Applied Sciences Europe.
Supervised by: Prof. Sebastian Stamm

The Team:

Concepts: Vivi Friedländer
Gamedesign - Vivi Friedländer & Luca Martinelli
3D Art: Furniture - Husam Aldin Aloulou & Karolin Krüger
3D Art: Character - Katarina Mitrovic (Thank you <3)
2D Art - Vivi Friedländer
Programming - Luca Martinelli & Roman Skowronek
UI - Carolina Restrepo Del Río


Startscreen-Song: "Eröffnungstents", by Vivi Friedländer
Intro- & Tutorial-Music: "Fig Leaf Rag" , by Kevin MacLeod
Gameplay-Music: "Something with Tents, I don't know", by Vivi Friedländer


RentTheTent for Windows 47 MB

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